The Foundation was established in 2010 for the purpose of:
a) providing funding support to charitable trusts that work toward improving the lives of New Zealanders with special needs by utilising music and / or the arts in some direct way, and helping those New Zealanders to develop as members of the community;  
b) providing emergency financial assistance to members of the New Zealand music industry who are in need, or suffering hardship, illness or distress.
We have two funding programmes:
General Fund [link]
Musicians in Need [link]
Separate funds are maintained for each programme.
The Foundation has one full time staff member (Administration and Funding manager) and a governing board of trustees (which is responsible for considering and approving or declining grant applications).  Find out more about our people [link].
It is our aim that administration costs and overhead costs of the New Zealand Music Foundation in any year will not exceed 5% of gross monies raised.
How can I help? [link]
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Don McGlashan believes music transforms lives

The New Zealand Music Foundation develops and supports projects across New Zealand that use music in healthcare, education, rehabilitation, volunteering and all areas of society to positively influence the lives of those in need. It also provides caring, confidential and practical assistance in times of illness, distress and hardship to members of the New Zealand music community. 





Neil Finn introduces work of NZMF


Watch a short clip featuring Neil Finn introducing our work with projects that use music to positively influence the lives of people in need.




We have two funding programmes:

The General Fund

The Musicians in Need Fund


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